Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re already advertising on major job sites and our site. How can a recruitment firm find us better candidates?

The number of resumes received for publicly advertised positions can be overwhelming, with some openings garnering 1000-2000 applications. Studies have also shown the vast majority of applicants for any given position lack even the most basic of requirements and qualifications, due mainly to the ease of applying to advertised internet positions.

Ascend Search Partners will work with you one-on-one to write the best most finite job description possible and then use our myriad of sourcing tools, contacts, and techniques to find and present to you only the highest qualified candidates. This makes your job of hiring the best person for the position more efficient, cost-effective, and successful.

Our company is on a tight budget. I don’t think we can afford a professional recruitment firm. How much does it cost?

The bigger question is how much does hiring the wrong person cost you? For most companies, the average amount of money invested in finding and hiring a new employee to the point of where they’re actually contributing to the organization is 1.5 to 3.0 times the salary for the position. Ascend Search Partners utilizes a per-project investment model. We can quote a figure once we clearly understand your goals and needs. Your investment will certainly be lower than what most companies are used to paying with other agencies and already investing using the “DIY method.” We guarantee it.

What if the person you find us quits or gets terminated after a few weeks or months? How do you ensure strong retention?

We utilize a suite of propriety tools and methods to find your ideal candidates – the Ascend Search Partners’ 9-Point Plan for Success. All of our placements come with an industry-leading written guarantee. We’ll continue to work with you at no additional charge until we find you the best candidate for your position.

There are many recruitment firms to choose from. Why should we use Ascend Search Partners?

We are aware that there are many firms to choose from for your recruiting needs. Here are just a few of our Key Competitive Advantages vs other firms:

  1. We don’t try to be everything to every business. We focus and specialize in filling positions in Construction, Design/Engineering, and Renewable Energy.
  2. All clients have one dedicated point of contact that is available to them (phone, text, email, video, even in-person in certain markets) throughout the entire recruitment process. No run around, no shuffle.
  3. Ascend Search Partners has an industry-leading guarantee on all placements and new hires.
  4. Our rates are some of the lowest in the industry. We have a unique and streamlined business model without the costs and overhead of other larger firms. This allows us to be an affordable option for any organization.
  5. We employ an exclusive and proprietary 9-Point Plan for Success for finding you the best candidates.
  6. No one wants to pour through a contract written in legal-ese or that uses confusing terms, arrangements, and stipulations. We have a very simple 2-page agreement and turn-key process to get started, often the same day.
  7. We are a subsidiary of parent company, Ascend Career and Life Strategies LLC, started in 2001. After a 20-year proven track record of success in career management, we know how to find, recruit, and hire top professionals—period.

Is your firm 100% virtual or can you meet candidates in person too?

Most of our clients request video or phone consultations and communication. We can meet in-person in select markets in the US.

How does Ascend Search Partners handle sourcing, screening, and selection?

Ascend Search Partners uses a finite selection of sourcing tools, a wide range of industry contacts, and proven recruitment techniques to find and present to you only the highest qualified candidates. We are also the only company in the industry to employ a 9-Point Plan for Success customized specifically for your needs. This makes your job of hiring the best person for the position more efficient, cost-effective, and successful.

Do you offer any additional services? What capabilities does your firm have beyond recruiting?

Through our parent company Ascend Career and Life Strategies LLC, for our corporate partners, we can also provide Executive Coaching, Outplacement and Transition Services, and Team Building and Motivational Workshops. For individuals, we offer Career Coaching, Career Assessment Tests, and Resume Development and Writing Services. Learn more at

What current trends and recruiting issues should I be aware of?

The workplace climate has changed drastically since the early days of Covid back in March 2020. Workers want flexible schedules, a work from home (WFH) option, opportunity for advancement and skills building, and pay that is commensurate with the market value for the position and local economy/cost of living. We will help you (at no additional cost) in developing a strong job description and compensation package that also includes the aforementioned intangible benefits and criteria.

How do you approach diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (known as DEI) is a very important component in the composition of a winning corporate culture and workforce for any company in any industry. Ascend Search Partners will work with you to establish DEI best practices and goals from recruiting efforts, to interview questions, to describing your business as a modern, forward-thinking, and culturally diverse environment.

What does a typical hiring timeline look like?

According to LinkedIn, the average time to hire is 30 days (December 2021). SHRM puts that number higher at 36 days. We will get started on your recruiting project as soon as you want us to, even that same day. We will work with your timeline goals for hiring and ensure that you are receiving only highly-qualified candidates for your opening.

What is your follow-up and communication process?

Solid communication is the most important element in any relationship, personal or professional. You will have a dedicated Recruiting Specialist as your primary contact and will have access to video, email, text, cell phone, and direct line communication. We know that business never sleeps and are available before, during, and after normal business hours.

Does your firm support confidential searches?

Yes. We realize there are cases that may involve a current employee at your organization whom you are looking to replace and you don’t want the job description advertised publicly. We are experts in finding only the highest qualified candidates for your organization and will take all necessary steps to ensure that the search remains confidential, yet productive, to meet your goals and needs.

I’m a construction employer here in Denver. I’ve seen a lot of resumes but the “hot button” traits that I’m seeking are rarely described on a potential candidate’s resume. What can I do to attract more qualified applicants?

At Ascend Search Partners, we have thorough and detailed conversations with our corporate clients about the key qualities that they want in their ideal candidates. We often assist them in writing a high-impact job description that clearly communicates the requisite skills and traits desired candidates should possess. We then have in-depth conversations with potential candidates based upon the particular needs of our clients. Your time is at a premium and valuable, so we only present the candidates that meet the specific criteria our clients request.

I’m a construction employer and I’m tired of looking at so many resumes. It seems like a waste of my time and takes me away from my primary duties.

Based upon our partnerships with clients, we make sure they are only seeing resumes that pinpoint their hiring needs. Our job is to narrow down the resumes to the best of the best so you will only review the resumes and interview the select few candidates that are suitable for your needs.