Your Construction Recruitment Specialists

Your Construction Recruitment Specialists

We Understand the Industry’s Challenges

Across the U.S., the construction industry is embracing a new normal. Today, project managers and construction specialists are working, in part, remotely in task-based roles using new technologies while still logging ample facetime on the jobsite. This means many construction companies – like yours – face a new challenge. How do you recruit and retain skilled construction professionals who can excel in both virtual and onsite environments and fit your unique company culture?

With construction projects ramping up in many cities in 2022 and beyond – and skilled workers hard to find – you need an expert construction recruiting agency that specializes in finding talent that fits your needs.

At Ascend Search Partners, we know the construction business. Our seasoned construction recruiters understand the challenges and needs of your industry. We know how to connect you with the right talent and the skilled specialists who will contribute to the long-term success of your projects and to your bottom line.

We Understand the Construction Industry's Challenges

We Can Help You Find and Hire Skilled Construction Professionals in These Areas

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Guaranteed placement

Detailed recruitment strategy employing a unique 9-Point Plan for Success

Dedicated Placement Specialist experienced in recruiting construction candidates

90-day guarantee on all new hires

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We’ll Help You Find and Retain the Right Talent When You Need It

The modern workplace in the construction industry has changed tremendously in past few years. This has been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on today’s business climate. The key criteria top candidates evaluate when making a job change have evolved. Smart companies on the cutting edge are aware of these changes. Other companies are still using antiquated recruiting, compensation, and interviewing models.

The best candidates are out there actively marketing themselves, talking with multiple employers, and often fielding multiple offers. Ascend will ensure your construction company is competitive in all facets of today’s recruiting and hiring model and is up to speed on what today’s top candidates are looking for when making a decision.

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