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Ascend Search Partners’ engineering recruiters connect construction companies with talented professionals who understand the ever-changing business. The construction industry is expected to grow tremendously in 2022, but due to statewide laws, engineering recruitment has changed. Our engineering recruitment firm has adapted to this market shift by seeking out contingent workers that fit your company standards. Technology has made it possible for some employees to work from home, so our engineering recruiters can find you flexible and temporary engineering professionals that will exceed your standards and align with your company values. As your construction company transitions into the new normal, finding reliable talent that fits your standards can be difficult.

Our engineering employment agency is experienced in the engineering field. We understand how to find and select the right talent for your jobs.

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We save you time by interviewing, vetting, and selecting highly qualified talent based on the credentials you provide. Ascend Search Partners uses our years of construction and engineering expertise to hire candidates for you that match the exact profile your construction company is looking for. Our engineering employment agency knows how to find qualified talent. We ensure the right fit by connecting with your hiring managers and learning your company’s culture.

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Ascend Search Partners stays up-to-date with state regulations and ever-changing hiring practices. We have an extensive database of highly skilled construction professionals, so you will always have qualified talent to work with.

Our team joins with your hiring and project managers to learn about your construction project and your company, so we can make the best connection for you.

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